I love the combination of their voice. 

Their duet has taken me to a place where daydreams are born second after second.

Madilyn Paige, she had this Emma Stone-Amanda Seyfried appeal going on, and Tanner James, was just so charming as well.

Their voice was perfect for the song, and I think both Madilyn and Tanner, did well working together without losing their own sounds. 

Paige had a modern Amanda Seyfried-Alisson Krauss sound going on without the squeakiness, while Tanner had this smooth voice,with a tinge of sexy roughness at the end of each line. 

I also like the outfits they chose to wear for that performance, it was kind of perfect because it added to that vintage-romance feel that you could also sense in their duet. 

They had great stage chemistry. 

I have never heard Taylor Swift’s version, but I’m definitely in love with Madilyn and Tanner’s 2-minute cover of the song

"Everything has Changed".

I have watched this so many times. I just love it.

She’s So Lucky

"When you pray for something…let’s say when you pray for patience…does God give you patience or does He give you the opportunity to be patient?"
(favorite line from the movie Bruce Almighty. )

Sakto sa life ko lately :)
I ‘ve been so stressed. And I thought it was because I have shit-for-luck these days (nanaman).

Although I strongly believe that, that is also true :D I must admit that I am mostly stressed because of ‘me’- myself.
I allowed the bad things to get to me.

(I dont want to get into the details of everything that has pushed me to seek comfort in binge-eating since last week,
which made me feel like I wasted everything I worked hard for in the gym the past few weeks before)

I should snap out of this alien-invasion-of-nega-vibes mode and try to look on the bright side.
My dramas suck, but solutions and happy endings are not impossible.

I guess what’s hard is that feeling where everything is just telling me.. to be still and just wait.

Sana ang problema lang ng tao is ang gumising ng maaga and yun na dapat yung hardest :D (Self-battles some of us go through every morning lol)

I need to calm down.

Lately, Nakakalimot ako, may good things pa naman sa bawat araw.

Hay. Buhay. 

Baon ng Pebrero

To like someone and only be able to look at them.
It is sad and a little romantic.
When all you can do is be like the sunflower following the sun.

To like someone and only be able to steal quick glances,
It is sad and a little dramatic.
When all you can do is be like the sun’s rays in a late afternoon,
Peeking through and then hiding back behind big fluffy clouds.

To like someone and never meet them,
It is sad and a little too unfortunate,
When all you can be is an opportunity with no chance.

To like someone and lose them,
It is sad and horrible,
when all you can be at this point is human,
with a bag of regrets and words that could have stopped them from going.

(ang chaka ng title sorry haha. pwede na yan lol)

Ang Tao (1)

I think everybody.., no matter how confident they are, or how much of an achiever they are, how beautiful and absolutely amazing they are, there will be times when they would still feel inadequate.

And that feeling is always regarded as a lacking for something, or having no sense of contentment, or just pure insecurity.
And towards the insecure -
often we criticize rather than encourage, judge rather than uplift spirits.
And this makes it so hard for most of us to admit this dubbed ‘weakness’.
But sometimes it is not that we are weak, it is just…that we are hardest on ourselves.

To admit being insecure is like walking around with a halo of shame floating above your head.
But truth is, show me a person who does not know how it feels to be insecure every now and then, and kotongan ko lol :)
It is as normal as minsan… nauutot ka. But just like you-farting, aamin ka ba. ;p

But a little insecurity can be healthy, it teaches you humility.
It opens up your mind to possibilities, it allows you to make room for improvements, therefore it pushes you forward.
The only time it will not do you any good is when you obsess and do nothing good out of it.

In beauty, a pinch of insecurity makes it even more fascinating.
In life, a speck of insecurity makes it more real.

And when it comes to personalities, attitudes and character, a sprinkle of insecurity always proves to be a good source for drawing out true colors.

Confidence may hate it but only because it always has to defeat it first.
But without anything to defeat from time to time, how can there be any true confidence at all.
(I don’t like putting question marks. sorry haha)
And actually even that, hindi tayo sure, because confidence and insecurity, I think they also have a relationship similar to the sun and moon.
They contradict but complement each other .
and they seem to go after one another. :)

To all our secret insecurities.
Thank you. :)

No one has to agree with me, but everyone is free to relate.

Forgive me when I forget your miracles,
How you have given so few people, and so simple gestures,
But have made them enough.

Sometimes I think it is saddistic cruelty, to have been given all reasons to breakdown and also be given one or two people who will always be proof of God’s love in a day, every day.

I am not proud that sometimes I get so mad,
I dare say shitty things.
Like asking for solutions because I don’t understand your answers.
And having questioned your existence out of frustration.

Thank you for not striking me dead, at least not yet, even when there’ve been times I wished for it out of stupid anger.

Help me to be weak,
Help me to be strong,
I need both to love and forgive.
A gift, a task-I have known all my life.
But has been impossible to master.

Whenever I turn around and get disappointed,
And nothing’s there to wipe tears I am too ashamed to cry out,
Lord remind me that it is okay,
It is okay to feel exactly how I feel.

Strip me not of vulnerability but of needless pride,
Forgive my lips they curse too much in hate,
Forgive my heart, they cry out too often in secret,
Forgive me for judging those who judge me.

Teach me to obey, but show me mercy with life’s lessons.

Bind me to kindness and humility,
That I may stay true to who I want to be.
Help me forgive people, when they do not know how they are
hurting me,
Help me forgive the people who plots against me even more, because I tend to hate them.

Pound on my heart, but never leave it. Forgive me.

Let life exhaust me, but help me save my faith.

One Last Night

I wanted to watch fireworks. I wanted to light up the sparklers I bought but I forgot them at home.

The fireworks outside sounded like giant popcorns popping. It brought back moments from the New Year’s Eve of 2012 in my mind. We were standing among strangers with our gazes focused in the sky, watching fireworks as they shoot up and burst into tiny specks of light. My Pinocchio stars. Tinkerbell’s dust. I was happy that night. We all were.

I pulled the soft blanket over me. I just felt so tired. I slept through the last few minutes of 2013 without saying goodbye, knowing I will close my eyes that night and wake up in a new year.

A comforting thought.

Soon the noises faded away.

And I found myself in 2014.

Doubtful but never faithless.
Emotera pero grateful.

(January dramarama :))

Kwentong Dinosaurs

Walang kuryente, walang tubig. So we decided to spend the night somewhere else. Ryan went in to pack his things first.

As we waited in the car, I remembered a similar moment.

Madilim. Gabi. It was also raining. Lights from passing cars would come and go, and in between the dance of lights, nakakalokong titigan ang mga puno, ang creepy lang eh :)

Czesca was still 4 then.

Sabi ko ”Alam mo ba saan nakatira ang mga dinosaurs?”

Sagot naman siya ”saan mommy?”

"diyan sa mga trees, nagtatago, tago din tayo para di tayo makain"

Kahit obvious naman na walang dinosaurs dun, feel na feel namin magtago, magpaka-quiet at emote.

Now. Now she’s 7.

Not sure why :),I guess…I wanted to recreate the moment that night. Senti lol

I asked her: “Czesca do you know where dinosaurs live?…diyan oh sa mga puno…”

Ready na ako magtago eh.

She turned her head to me, medyo parang shocked pa ah.

"Mooooommmmmyy…wala na kayang dinosaurs. Patay na silang lahat… HINDI MO BA ALAM???"


I smiled halfway to almost a chuckle “…ah ganun ba…” :)

She went on to explain how they died out.

I went on to think about how time has passed…my buling is growing up.

Bless the souls of those who died, bless the love ones they have left behind and bless the future that seem lost for now. 

Help us lord, ease our doubts and worries. 

And whether compassion has been given in secret or in the open, whether one has given more or less than he can, Bless them and stop us from judging. Help us Lord to be kind, not only to the victims but also to one another. 

Lastly, help us to trust. And help us be trustworthy. 

And I pray all the love people have sent in various forms, get to those who need it.

This is just the way it is. Part of my daily routine: I allow music to either wake me up in the morning, inspire me or calm me down after a long day. Sometimes I like the lyrics or parts of it, sometimes I just like melody, or the story,or sometimes I just like the mood it sets.

I like this song, and this guy’s talent just made it more beautiful. Thank God for music and people with mad skills. Good evening world. :)

American Horror Story: Coven (S3)


 We can finally look forward to getting the same caliber of creepiness and AHS factor we liked in Season 1 (S1) from this Season. 

Season 2 was okay but I didn’t like it as much I adored S1,only because for me, the plot became too bizarre in such a way that it seemed a little forced. There were aliens, Nazis, monsters, demons, psychos all at the same time, it had too much of everything but not enough story. 

Back to S3: As part of this season’s plot: The characters of Evan Peters and Taissa finds each other. Yes, they’re back :) but once again, it is complicated. You have to watch the show to find out how twisted it is. You are either going to hate it or love it, and nothing in between.

Jamie Brewer, our beloved Adelaide is also back as Nan. Jessica Lange. Lily Rabe. Sarah Paulson. Etc.

It is also nice to see that AHS added new faces like Gabourey Sidibey, Angela Bassett, Peters’ real-life GF Emma Roberts, and Kathy Bates for S3.

I am loving Kathy Bates’ acting by the way, she’s playing her character really well.

Bitches. Witches. :) 

(I am also loving: Witches of East End ;))